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We are currently on sabbatical. Feel free to peruse the other information and resources on our site.

Sonoma County Midwives

North Bay Bohemian Best of the North Bay 2023

KathRyn Barry, L.M.

Lisa Todd, L.M.

What We Do

We provide individualized, family-centered full-scope prenatal services, continuous care during labor and birth, and six weeks of follow-up care, including breastfeeding support, after baby is born.

Who We Are

We are state licensed home birth midwives - specialists in low-risk pregnancy,

birth and postpartum.

Our care is customized to nurture a healthy pregnancy, a joyful birth, and confident parenting. We are also mothers who birthed with midwives. 

Midwifery Practice

How We Work

By providing you with all of the information and recommendations  on nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth and testing, we give you the tools and power to make the best choices for you, your baby and your birth.  We also do all of our care together so that when it comes time to birth, you know and trust your birth team.

What We Believe

We believe that women and babies are smart! ...And if a mom is





and feels supported and safe, a straightforward birth is the most

likely outcome. 

“The first 1,000 days, from fertilization to the second birthday, are the golden opportunity to maximize a child’s potential."
 - Bruce Daggy, PhD, Nutritional Biochemist

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