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"I can’t say enough about these wonderful women. KathRyn and Lisa are truly amazing. I was so blessed to have them in my life, and in helping me bring in new life. They made me feel special, important, loved, cared for, and capable. They are present, strong, sensitive, knowledgeable, empathetic, understanding, empowering, and silly.


"What a gift it was to feel like someone was really taking care of me. Especially being a mother and giving away all I had. I felt like I could let go of all my fear and stress, and know that I had a team behind me, and that I would be taken care of.


"After a very hard and long first birth, full of vomit, and ending up in the hospital with an epidural, I was very afraid to do it again. These ladies welcomed me in, and were so good at making me believe in my body and myself again. I was always excited to go to my check ups. It was like having a therapy appointment and chatting with really good friends all in one. I really trusted these women. I tried to let go and put the process all in their hands, which was really helpful. KathRyn and Lisa are amazing doctors, mothers, therapists, teachers, nutritionists, friends, mentors, confidants, and of course, midwives.


"During the birth of my son, they really took control, which I needed, and led me through. They were so present and aware, and sensitive to how much to get involved and intervene. I was ready to go to the hospital numerous times, and kept saying over and over again,  “I can’t go through another contraction”. I really felt like I couldn’t do it again after almost every contraction I had. They assured me that I was already doing it. They always seemed to know what I needed and when.


"They were very on top of it and professional when my son wasn’t breathing right away, and really took the time to get us all settled in after it was over. They remained very available for weeks after my son was born, and I still call on them from time to time for information and input. I am forever grateful to have had this experience with these midwives. I could never have done it without them. I always felt seen, heard, understood, safe, and validated.


"What lovely women. Anyone would be lucky to have KathRyn and Lisa on their side!


"I was really sad when it was all over. I wish I could keep going to my appointments forever."


In gratitude,

Chenoa E.

"I have never received health care like I did from KathRyn and Lisa. I switched midwives at 30 weeks because I wanted more individual attention and working with KathRyn and Lisa offered just that. Every part of me, my husband and my little one within was lovingly cared for at each prenatal visit, during our birth and in the postpartum visits. I loved how broad the range of their skills was. They were facile and fluent with Western medicine, Ayurveda, herbalism, homeopathy and nutrition. I was asked about my dreams, my sleep, my diet and so many other things and then deeply listened to. I was given every resource and felt very lucky to have so much expertise and experience to tap into. Our birth was long and lovely and harder than I could have imagined. KathRyn and Lisa respected that my husband and I wanted to feel like we were alone until we needed help and that’s just how it went. I had a slow but steady pace of labor that a hospital would not have been so patient with, but KathRyn and Lisa trust birth and trusted my body and we were all safe. I appreciate their humor and the dynamic they create together. Our community is so blessed to have these two women so committed to the practice of homebirth midwifery.”   - Sara W

"I had my 3rd homebirth, of my 3rd daughter, with KathRyn and Lisa​ as my midwives. They were absolutely amazing and everything my family needed.  During my pregnancy I really looked forward to my appointments. They were very good at tuning in to me, listening to me, and offering REALLY good advice...emotionally and physically. I always left smiling with new tools and ideas to help me through each phase of pregnancy. They were honest, caring, informative, experienced, AND funny taboot!


"When it came time to have our baby​, their personal and clinical skills were crucial. They were thoroughly prepared, medically, for my personal situation. They helped me at difficult points in labor get through it by offering ideas, adjusting the plan a little, and again being in tune with me and listening to me.  They worked beautifully together and it gave me the confidence I needed to surrender to the process...and not worry. KathRyn and Lisa are 2 amazing women individually and compliment each other so well. They each bring their own something special to this time and process.  Our birth, pre & post partum care could not have been better."


- Jackie Y.

"We worked with Lisa and KathRyn during my pregnancy from about 8 weeks on. When we found out it was twins at 20 weeks, we decided to get continual midwifery care and have them be my doulas at the hospital. They also provided postpartum care. I don't even know how to adequately put into words how amazing they were/are. I felt so seen and taken care of in every way through our whole journey. I eagerly awaited each visit as a time to have all my questions answered and my experience validated. They showed up at my house at all hours for several early labor scares with senses of humor in tow and when it finally came time to birth my twins (37.5 weeks) KathRyn coached me through every contraction and was instrumental in me having the vaginal birth I desired when the doctor was recommending an emergency c section. They make a fabulous team and balance each other very well. I absolutely trust them with my life and my babies' lives. 


"Our experience couldn't have been better. We joke that we want to have another just so we can hang out with them again! Immense gratitude to both of you!"


- Beth S.

"Birth can be magical, scary, beautiful and at times uncomfortable. You don’t know how your journey will be until you are in it. The goal is to let go and allow the process to unfold until you are holding your baby in your arms. The best way to let go is to trust those that surround you in those moments. KathRyn and Lisa have a dynamic working relationship that you get to know, understand, and love with each meeting throughout your pregnancy. They also use these meetings to get to know you and your partner and use their intellect and intuition to create a safe birthing space that is all about you. They allow you and your baby to be in the moment as they observe and then guide you only when necessary. 


"I loved working with them. They both have a sense of humor that creates a light energetic atmosphere each time you meet. This coupled with their many years of experience and knowledge of the birth process helped me connect with them personally, but also know they were in control and had mine and my baby’s health and safety as their number one priority. The relationship we built was built on trust, so when it came time to birth, all I had to do was let go."


- Amber N

"When I was pregnant with my first child, Aiden, I really wanted to have a home birth and by some wonderful miracle I found KathRyn and she took incredibly good care of me during my pregnancy, at the birth and after.  During my long labor she was able to come to our house and just be there with us. She blended in perfectly.  She is so good at reading a situation and was always able to know what I wanted or needed before I ever asked for it.


"When I was pregnant with my second child, Lilah, I knew right away that I wanted to have KathRyn as my midwife again and this is when I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa. Lisa is so wonderful too and they make the best team ever. The care they provided in the prenatal period was excellent, the visits were so personal, and caring as well as informative. I always bragged to my friends that I got the best prenatal care in the world.  I always felt so well cared for and built a bond with them that I will never forget. I know if I have any questions they will always be there for me.


"Our son Aiden was born with a congenital heart defect. We rode a wild roller coaster ride with him through hospital stays and surgeries. I learned more from him in his 6 short years than I learned my entire life. We are so grateful we had him, despite the challenges we faced. I miss him every moment of every day and will forever.  KathRyn was there for me - even in these most difficult times she was able to talk with me and understand what I was going through in a way that few others could. She was always calm and brought a feeling of peace to the most difficult situation I have ever faced. I truly don’t know how I would have made it through without her. Aiden passed away in June of 2015 at only 6-years-old due to complications of a heart transplant. KathRyn was there when he passed and has been and incredible blessing in our lives. 


"During my birth and beyond they were always there for me and still to this day I know if I have questions they will always be there for me. I am so grateful and honored to have had Lisa and KathRyn as my midwives."


- Shifra H. 

"My first attempted homebirth with another midwife was a 45-hour affair that ended with stalled labor, a transfer to the hospital, pitocin, an epidural, a posterior birth, and an extremely rough recovery. So I was understandably nervous about my second pregnancy and labor, and I was on the fence about whether to even attempt a second homebirth. But when my husband and I met with KathRyn and Lisa, we knew they were the team for us. They were immediately enthusiastic about my second labor and birth outcome being different from my first; their positivity and unwavering support shaped the experience of my pregnancy and delivery. KathRyn and Lisa are the perfect combination of experience and compassion, and unlike most homebirth midwives, they actually attend appointments together -- so you get to know your birth team for the duration of your pregnancy. Our midwife appointments never felt like medical appointments -- they felt more like hanging out with fabulous, funny friends that happened to listen to my baby's heartbeat at the end of our visit. (All that was missing from the setting was a glass of wine!)


"My first and second labors were like night and day. I had a 5-hour, practically pain free -- and completely intervention free -- birth. I absolutely believe that my complete faith in my birth team helped facilitate that experience -- which was an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. I will be forever grateful that KathRyn and Lisa were there to guide our second daughter into the world with their wonderful mix of warmth, grace, skill, and knowledge.


"Will choosing Lisa and KathRyn as your midwives guarantee you the perfect birth and the perfect baby? Of course not. But no matter what kind of labor and delivery and postpartum recovery you wind up with, you couldn't have a better team by your side. I might just have to get pregnant again so I can hang out with them some more, and have another amazing water birth. (Don't tell my husband.)"


-Lynda H.

"KathRyn and Lisa are amazing! Rhythm’s birth was anything but what we planned. As my second child, I figured this labor would be faster. It was not. It was long and I had bad back labor. Hour after hour went on when KathRyn suggested the possibility of the hospital. She never made a big deal out of it; it was just a mellow idea she put out there. After another hour or so of back labor, I knew I needed an epidural - something I had never dreamed of ever wanting or needing. there had been a lot of anxiety during the pregnancy about what would happen if I had to go to the hospital. Kathryn and Lisa acted as if nothing big was happening. There were so cool the whole time. They  never batted an eye that I wanted an epidural either. I am so grateful to have had these women with me. They stayed at the hospital with me, making sure the nurses knew I had been a homebirth an that this was not planned. Thank you KathRyn and Lisa for helping my son into the world!"


-Kat K.

"Lisa and KathRyn were amazing with our entire family, even my older daughter. My husband loved coming to appointments with me because he loved them so much. Even when we had a massive tragedy with our unborn child they stayed right by our side.The care during my labor was EXACTLY what I wanted and needed. After 2 births where I did not get the care and support I wanted it was a huge relief to have Lisa by my side knowing so well what I needed and wanted. KathRyn was incredible with us after the birth and with our son. To say these two were generous, skilled, amazing and went above and beyond the call of duty would truly be an understatement. They rank at the top of my shortlist of people who I could never forget for their incredible life-saving care and kindness.


"I will treasure them always for the incredible woman they are and their exemplary care in the birthing professional field."


- Lakshmi L.

"After having a wonderful home birth with our first it was a no-brainer to do it again with our second. However, we weren't sure about going with our original midwives so after hearing rave reviews from both our chiropractor and a dear friend we met with Lisa and KathRyn. On the practical side we got 2 midwives for the price of one, and I really loved that they don't take as many births per month as some other midwife teams do. They always seemed rested and full of life. On the less practical side, they just felt like the perfect fit to bring our babe earthside. 


"Over the course of our time together I felt completely loved and nurtured, but was also given a firm talking to when I wasn't caring for my body the way they knew I should. Our perfect girl was brought into this world with confidence and so much love surrounding her.  Everything felt easy and right, and I know so much of that credit goes to Lisa and KathRyn. They were always available to me at any time of day (or night!) which helped this new frazzled mom of 2 rest easier.  When our appointments came to an end I was sad as I realized they had also become friends I confided in and would miss our regular time together. The fantastic advice around helping our older child adjust to the big changes was invaluable as was the warmth and compassion they gave us as we went through our own. Lots more referrals coming your way in the future!"


- Molly A.

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